Agile Marketing Leadership Certificate

Designed by the world's leading experts in Agile marketing, this cutting-edge workshop equips you with the competencies & capabilities to become an effective Agile leader for your team or organization.
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Just Ask Our Students

Janet Altman
Marketing Principal, Kaufman Rossin

"The Agile Marketing Leadership course provided valuable content and context. My new skills will help me take my department's implementation farther, by adding the all-important Agile Mindset to our agile practices."
Lucas Kirschman
Senior Manager Agile Program Office, TDAmeritrade

"Unlike most certifications, this course had a refreshing interactive element. The leaders in my session were from all walks of life, with varied experiences to share. It made for some eye-opening discussions."
Paige Brown
Marketing Coordinator, CCLI

"The Agile Marketing Leadership course is well thought out and looks at creating a well rounded leader, not just someone who understands the Agile mindset (though, that is important too!). "

Online Learning Ground Rules

Please note that to earn your certification you'll need to attend 7 out of the 8 instructor-led sessions and complete weekly assignments.
If you miss a week, you'll be required to watch the video recording. You also need to be visible via video to participate in exercises and discussion. (You'll get Zoom login instructions before class.)

Please make sure you can commit to the full learning experience before signing up!


Our ICAgile Accredited Instructors have trained over 3,000 marketers on how to apply Agile principles and practices in a marketing context.

We helped write the ICAgile marketing curriculum, so you can be confident you'll get world-class instruction in our online course (no matter where in the world you are).
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Why Train With AgileSherpas?

In addition to co-authoring the ICAgile curriculum, our Sherpas have worked with more Agile marketers than any other training team in the world. From highly regulated industries like pharma and finance to tricky specialties like in-house creative teams to external marketing agencies, we’ve seen it all.

Through our work with all these marketers, we've seen the impact of marketing leadership, both positive and negative. Well-equipped, self aware leaders can successfully shepherd a team through the trials of transformation; those who cling to traditional leadership styles struggle to gain the benefits of agility they're after.  

This workshop provides marketing leaders with the guidance they need to leave command and control behavior behind and step into the more impactful (and enjoyable) world of Agile leadership. Successful graduates will leave with the tools they need to lead more engaged marketing teams to better outcomes.  

Here’s what some of our past attendees have to say about AgileSherpas workshops:

“The best training I’ve had in years. I’ll be sending more of my team to the next one!”

“Great job. I've been to a few internal Agile training sessions and you provided the best clarity on the framework and how to execute it.”

“I found the presentation helpful and engaging. The exercises used were fun and really illustrated the point thoroughly. I found I could retain a lot more information than I usually do at conferences. [The instructor] was available and approachable, so I felt at ease to ask questions.”

“The course content was excellent. Concepts were illustrated well through hands-on exercises. I'm excited to go and practice what we learned.”

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