Agile Marketing Accelerator

 Practical guidance for marketing teams who need to embrace agility ASAP. A step-by-step primer complete with 7-recorded modules, checklists, tools, and resources to help you accelerate your marketing agility in these times of change.
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Now more than ever, it's time to bring agility into how we market our products & services.

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Now more than ever, marketers need to be able to respond to change quickly without losing sight of our business goals.

Adopting valuable Agile practices provides efficiency, flexibility, and productivity to help us manage work in a crisis. As a bonus, we'll also emerge more prepared to handle regular work when normal activities resume.

Agile ways of working help us create visibility in our processes, keep up with the rapid pace of change during this period, adapt to working remotely with our coworkers, and so much more...

In this self-directed accelerator course, AgileSherpas Andrea Fryrear, Raviv Turner and Monica Georgieff introduce you to valuable Agile marketing best practices to help you and your team emerge even stronger from these uncertain times. Our experts will walk you through:

  • What makes a team in an Agile environment? We'll explore what it means to be on or off the team and why that matters.
  • How to balance speed and strategy when we're planning our next steps in an Agile way
  • Tips, tricks, and watchouts for building our first team backlogs or queues of prioritized to-dos
  • Tips, tricks, and watchouts for building our first team backlogs or queues of prioritized to-dos
  • A checklist of everything you need to make your daily standup meetings as productive as possible
  • Vital steps for running a successful backlog refinement meeting that ensure you're working on the right work at the right time
  • How to deal with remote teams and reach high performance, even when we're not co-located
  • The Agile Marketing Accelerator is designed for marketing teams already familiar with the basics of Agile. If that's not you, check out our free Introduction to Agile Marketing Course.

 Andrea Fryrear

 Agile Marketing Trainer, Co-founder of AgileSherpas

An early convert to the ways of Agile marketing, Andrea loves nothing more than seeing a team evolve from a chaos to high performance. In addition to being a Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC), a Certified Agile Leader (CAL-1), a Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner, and an ICAgile Authorized Instructor, Andrea is a Scrum Master (CSM) and Advanced Product Owner (A-CSPO). She shares her findings (and failures) regularly from stages around the world as an international speaker on all things Agile marketing.

Andrea is a content marketer by trade and functions best when she’s writing regularly. Her forthcoming book Mastering Marketing Agility outlines a brand new Agile Marketing framework built on her years of working with marketing teams. You can also find her articles on the AgileSherpas bl

When she’s not on a plane or at a keyboard, Andrea spends as much time as possible outdoors in her Colorado home.

 Raviv Turner

 Agile Trainer & Coach, AgileSherpas Partner

Raviv has been working with marketers to implement marketing data, technology, and analytics for over a decade. He is a thought leader and speaker at leading marketing event such as MarketingProfs B2B Forum, MarTech, and Dreamforce on the topics of Agile marketing, marketing data, and analytics. Raviv is also a certified marketing analyst and an ICAgile Certified Instructor.

Raviv is a contributor on marketing and technology for the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for senior-level executives, as well as a mentor to startups on Agile product development, product management, UX design, product marketing, and lean startup tactics.

 Monica Georgieff

 Agile Trainer & Coach

As recent head of marketing for Kanbanize, a Lean and Agile project management tool, Monica has spent the last several years evangelizing the Agile mindset to marketers around the world, while also leading an Agile marketing team of her own.

Monica has contributed to several marketing industry resources, including Her recent ebook, Lean and Agile Marketing with Kanban, is a detailed guide to applying these tried and true Agile practices to the world of marketi

Monica holds a degree in Literature and Media from the University of Toronto, and an MSc from the University  College London School of Management. Her ongoing work is dedicated to making marketing teams flexible to change, unified in their goals, and successful in adopting a value-driven approach that brings measurable results.